How We Can Help


Health & Wellness Benefits

Reduce pain & inflammation caused by joint disorders, arthritis and fibromyalgia
Recover faster from injury or surgery
Decrease muscle pain and spasm
Increase energy
Improve circulation
Reduce stress
Reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and fatigue
Boost immune system
Boost collagen production
Repair & tighten skin
Burn calories
Improve sleep

Sports & Fitness Benefits

Recover faster from hard training, competition or injury
Reduce inflammation, swelling & pain
Boost energy levels
Kick-start endorphin release
Improve athletic performance
Improve muscle motor unit recruitment
Boost cardiorespiratory efficiency
Train harder & more frequently
Return to competition faster

Beauty & Anti-aging Benefits

Increase energy
Boost collagen production
Tone skin & reduce signs of aging
Reduce cellulite
Boost metabolism to burn calories & lose weight
Improve skin conditions like acne & psoriasis
Activate your body’s natural regeneration process

See relief from these medical conditions

Inflammatory rheumatic joint diseases
Chronic pains
Back pain
Spinal syndromes
Muscular spasms
Multiple sclerosis
Blunt joint trauma
Bronchial asthma
Muscular dysbalances
Central fatigue
Sleep disorders
Deterioration in psycho-physical performance

Clients have also seen
the following benefits:

Faster recovery from surgery or injury
Reduction in inflammation and swelling
Weight loss
Clearing of skin conditions
Better circulation
Resetting of the body’s internal regulatory processes
Treatment of mood disorders, anxiety and depression

Who should NOT use Whole Body Cryotherapy

Untreated high blood pressure
Heart attack within 6 months
Recurring angina
Cardiac pacemaker
Peripheral arterial occlusive disease
Expired veinous thrombosis
Acute airway disease (bronchitis)
Acute kidney and urinary tract infections
Severe anemia
Cold symptoms
Tumor diseases
Bacterial and viral skin infections