Why Cryotherapy?

For us it’s simple. We love Whole Body Cryotherapy because it allows us to play like kids again. It helps us recover faster, gets rid of our aches and pains, fills us with energy – it even helps us sleep better. It boosts our metabolism, increases our collagen production, fills our brains with endorphins and makes us feel great!


Whether from injury, overuse or chronic inflammatory conditions, step one is to get our clients out of pain. Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions have proven to reduce inflammation of any origin, reduce or eliminate pain and improve circulation to affected areas – all of which expedite healing.


Once pain and inflammation are under control, it’s time to restore the flow of energy and proper movement mechanics. Whole Body Cryotherapy facilitates this process by reducing or eliminating muscle spasm, by preventing shortening and hardening of injured or compensatory muscle and connective tissue groups and by continuing to keep inflammation at bay. WBC provides vast benefit as a stand-alone therapy and can enhance the effect of complimentary healing modalities like traditional physical therapy, chiropractic care, mobility work and rehabilitative strength and conditioning.


Our goal is to have you performing at your best in sport, work and life as a whole. Simply put, we want you to thrive. The invigorating rush of Whole Body Cryotherapy energizes from the inside out. We can have you feeling that you’re firing on all cylinders very early on in your treatment cycle.


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