What is Cryotherapy?

cryochamber3Whole Body Cryotherapy is a rapidly growing, clinical or spa application of sub-zero air temperatures¬†to promote natural health & wellness, performance and recovery. From injury and overuse recovery to chronic pain management and athletic performance enhancement, Whole Body Cryotherapy has shown dramatic results as a healing therapy. It’s even used in beauty spas for skin rejuvenation, sleep improvement, weight loss and general health & wellness.

As a relatively new method of cryotherapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is currently being offered by clinicians as an alternative to cold water immersion, which most find painful and archaic, or ice packs which can only be applied locally and don’t offer the systemic benefits of WBC. Administered through the use of a cryogenic sauna or chamber, WBC is a treatment whereby the patient is placed in a cryogenic sauna for a duration of no more than three minutes. If used properly, WBC is completely safe and very effective. For those of you that want the ice-cold facts, the button below has some candy for you. Read More