Whole Body Cryotherapy for Athletes

Recover faster. Perform stronger. Be ready.

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Decrease inflammation everywhere. Improve circulation anywhere. Increase energy all the time!

Are sore muscles and stiff joints getting in the way of performance & training? 

Do stiff limbs, aches and pains have you sidelined with low energy and low motivation to train?

Is an old sport-related injury holding you back?

What if there was a fast, easy and affordable way to get you back in the game without pills or gimmicks?

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Now there is!

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) can get you to peak performance in no time – and it’s 100% natural!

Professional athletes swear by it. Hollywood stars & models love it. Doctors all over Europe prescribe it instead of drugs.

Best of all – you can experience this incredible evolution in sports therapy right here in Santa Cruz!

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What is Whole Body Cryotherapy, anyway?

Therapeutic or spa application of sub-zero air temperatures to promote rapid healing & recovery. Rapidly cold-shocking your body will cut your recovery time in half, boost your performance and reduce soreness, aches & pains by more than 50%. It’ll also improve your quality of sleep, and better sleep means better recovery, period.

Are you ready to hit new personal records? 

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How does it work?

The freezing air on your skin forces blood inward to protect your core where it is loaded with pro-collagen enzymes, anti-inflammatory compounds, fresh oxygen, norepinephrine and other invigorating endorphins.

When you exit the CryoSauna your newly super-charged, nutrient-rich blood rushes outward to repair your skin, rejuvenating every muscle, joint and connective tissue along the way. This is rapid recovery at a cellular level! 

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Is it painful?

Not at all, and only your skin will get cold.

With just a 3 minute exposure to sub-zero air temperatures your body is jump-started into a healing frenzy. Inflammation is wiped out. Pain is reduced or eliminated.  

You’ll warm up fast and feel ready to climb a mountain!

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Is it really that cold?

It’s just cold air – and you can handle it.

It feels like you’re outside in Winter Lake Tahoe without any clothes on. It’s invigorating!

It’s much easier to handle than it sounds, and with just a 3 minute treatment you’ll feel absolutely amazing.

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What should I plan for? 

• Check in with our friendly staff and we’ll get you started right away
• First-time clients will be coached through the process
• We’ll provide dry socks, slippers, gloves and robes
• Men must wear dry shorts or briefs
• Women may wear minimal workout attire, bikinis or undergarments without wire (Optional)
• Minimum skin coverage is desired – any clothing worn must be clean and dry
• Jewelry below the ears must be removed

This is a dry treatment – you won’t need to shower or re-do hair or make-up afterward.

You’re now ready for 3 minutes of pure invigoration! Are you ready to feel amazing?

Athlete Testimonials

Still On The Fence? Here's What Our Athletes Are Saying:

Austin Einhorn

Austin Einhorn

Stanford Volleyball Coach & Trainer of professional athletes

I can’t get enough of Cryo – it’s amazing! My sleep is better than ever. I can honestly see the effects – there’s no BS around it.

Nathan Mendelsohn

Nathan Mendelsohn

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion

After every Cryotherapy session I feel brand new. I recommend it for anyone who plays sports or has pain in their body. You guys save me! Osss!

Dwight Lowery

Dwight Lowery

Safety, San Diego Chargers

I’m a big advocate and a big believer in Cryo! The more I do, the better I feel. I’m thankful for Santa Cruz Cryotherapy!

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