Santa Cruz Cryotherapy Grand Opening July 11th

Our grand opening is on Saturday, July 11th from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We are offering our grand opening special of $35 per crysession.

Why Whole Body Cryotherapy?

For us it’s simple. We love Whole Body Cryotherapy because it allows us to play like kids again. It helps us recover faster, gets rid of our aches and pains, fills us with energy – it even helps us sleep better. It boosts our metabolism, increases our collagen production, fills our brains with endorphins and makes us feel great!

Health & Wellness Benefits

Reduce pain & inflammation caused by
joint disorders, arthritis and fibromyalgia
Recover faster from injury or surgery
Decrease muscle pain and spasm
Increase energy
Improve circulation
Reduce stress
Reduce symptoms of depression,
anxiety and fatigue
Boost immune system
Boost collagen production
Repair & tighten skin
Burn calories
Improve sleep

Sports & Fitness Benefits

Recover faster from hard training, competition or injury
Reduce inflammation, swelling & pain
Boost energy levels
Kick-start endorphin release
Optimize athletic performance
Improve muscle motor unit recruitment
Boost cardiorespiratory efficiency
Train harder & more frequently
Return to competition faster

Beauty & Anti-aging benefits

Increase energy
Boost collagen production
Tone skin & reduce signs of aging
Reduce cellulite
Boost metabolism to burn calories & lose weight
Improve skin conditions like acne & psoriasis
Activate your body’s natural regeneration process

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