A Little About Us

Team photos & bios

 Scott Fowler

Owner/Operator Raised in Santa Cruz County, Scott has always been an outdoor sporting enthusiast. A former Marine, long time ocean and mountain lover and now CrossFit addict, his body has taken a beating. On a quest to find healing and recovery methods that provide immediate and lasting impact, he was introduced to Whole Body Cryotherapy by his friend, Corey.

“I’ve said for a long time that if I find a physical therapy that could get me playing and training as hard as I did as a twenty-something, I’d drop everything, and set out to share my discovery with everyone who would listen. I truly believe that Whole Body Cryotherapy can change lives for the better.”  – Scott

Corey Demers 

Owner/Operator Corey was studying for a work-related promotion at a local coffee shop when he met one of the most influential people he’d ever met – his now good friend Greg Amundson. Shortly after meeting Greg, Corey started CrossFit at the age of 41.

“I was addicted immediately, and as most new CrossFitters do, I quickly learned about the consequences of overtraining. I started to seek out modalities for recovery. Cold plunges at a local fitness center helped a little but were brutal. I saw an ad for a Cryotherapy chamber in a free CrossFit publication. I was intrigued by the results that the ad spoke of and I had to try it for myself. Quickly growing tired of sitting in hours of traffic to get into a CryoSauna, I started on a quest to bring Whole Body Cryotherapy to Santa Cruz. I hope you and your loved ones will enjoy its benefits as much as I do.” – Corey

Dominic Demers 

Dominic has always shown interest in sports and outdoor recreation. As a younger athlete he hadn’t concerned himself with recovery from sport or injury – youthful bodies recover fast! Now approaching his mid-twenties, his interests [and studies] are focussed on sport-induced stress to the body. Specifically, he’s taken great interest in the physiological athletic recovery process as a means to promote athletic longevity.

“Since starting Crossfit and beginning to study Sports Medicine at about the same time, I’ve been a huge advocate of the importance of the recovery process. When I first heard about Whole Body Cryotherapy and its recovery-promoting effects from my Dad, I knew I had to try it for myself. As a Crossfitter I’m no stranger to sore hips and shoulders.. After I tried WBC a few times I knew I was hooked. All the tightness had started to fade away and my fitness even started to improve. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Three minutes of cold with tremendous health benefits sounds good in my book.” – Dom